Real Estate Values and the Tax assessment differences

are often a hot topic, especially around the time of year when the BC Assessment Authority sends out their updates for the year.  Of course, these are all available online now, or you can access the info via a Realtor.

The biggest question always is the difference between the assessed value, and current market value.  Some people will want to use the values in helping determine their actual value, some will want to use any difference as a way to negotiation, and others just do not see a lot of value in using these numbers when calculating CURRENT MARKET VALUE.

I fall into the last category.  Sometimes, the number can be a bit of a useful guideline, however, in my years of experience, relying on or putting very much weight on those BCAA numbers just does not really help in determining actual market value.

The second biggest question always is how to dispute these valuations.  I went thru the process recently on behalf of a client and it worked out very well.  The system is there to be fair and the people I dealt with were professional and considerate.

So, in general, I always suggest that looking at the BCAA numbers is not much of a useful tool with which to make real estate decisions or predictions or to see any useful kind of trend.

Thank you for giving this a look, I hope the information and answers are as helpful to you as they have been to many others over the years.

By the way, for current info on selling/buying, have a look here:


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