Generational Real Estate…What is that?

Well, it means that if someone dials me up on a rotary phone to sell the home they raised the family in for 33 years…I better not think I can respond on FACEBOOK!  And, it means that if a buyer sends me a “chat” on MSN instant messaging (in real time) I better not try to reach them on a “land line”…makes sense, doesn’t it.

So, if your Real Estate firm here in Summerland is still using an answering machine to try to communicate with buyers from Alberta who want to preview your home using “SKYPE”…do you see how that is a barrier to your sale?

If you want sold in this market, you better call Patrick…He WILL answer his phone.  period. 250 486 2529  ok, so its a smart phone that he can send a video of sunoka beach to a client in Edmonton in seconds…it is also a phone, and he WILL answer your call

250 486 2529  yes, its a Summerland number…

Thanks for giving this a look, I hope the information and answers are as helpful to you as they have been to many others over the years.

Helping you find your best real estate answers in this market!

Patrick Murphy

Realtor, RE/MAX Orchard Country

10124 Main Street Summerland

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