Real Estate and Print Classified Ads have gone their separate ways!

As I was working on company advertising budget for 2010, I had a look at classified advertising and how its usefulness in reaching buyers has absolutely fallen off the charts from even just last year…you will be amazed to consider the following ad count in the Penticton Herald Classified Ad section for the sample Monday Jan 4 2010:
# houses advertised for sale by Realtor: 0
# houses advertised for sale by Owner: 0
# lots advertised for sale by Realtor: 1
# lots advertised for sale by Owner: 0
# lots advertised by Developers: 0
# commercial properties advertised for sale by Owner and Developer and Realtor combined: 0
# condos and townhouses and mobile homes advertised by Owner and Realtor and Developer combined:  0
The shocking sum total of all combined Real Estate for Sale ads in the Penticton Herald Classified: 1

For interest sake, I contrasted that with what appears to be the big classified advertising budget:

Number of “Escort Services” featuring names such as “Raven” or “Mercedes” or “Fiona” etc…advertised in the same edition of classified for the Penticton Herald:   22!

Pretty incredible to see how the real advertising dollar has disappeared from print classifieds and moved to other more effective media…

I don’t imagine this change only applies to the Penticton Herald,  I just did this unofficial count and thought it was very interesting from a Real Estate Marketing point of view.  AND, I do NOT normally peruse the escort services section, either, just found the contrast to be so amazing.

By the way, there are over 1,800 active listing on MLS in the South Okanagan, so there are no shortage of people wanting to sell real estate.  The advertising dollars just go where the buyers are looking, simple as that!

If you would like some help sorting thru all this with your own buying or selling needs, just give me a call or send me an email, I will be happy to do my best to help.  To quote a great marketing mind out of Vancouver, “Have a great day, unless you choose otherwise!”


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