I didn’t know the chamber was doing a prison survey. Are they?

“Some 750 chamber members have until Feb. 21 to answer the chamber’s survey.” Summerland Review

I really wonder if the Chamber is doing a survey of business on this one.

I bet not.  I bet this is another example of poor reporting by the Summerland Review that reflects very poorly on the Chamber.  This is the kind of reporting that generates uncertainty, mistrust and lots of chatter around town that only leads to negative stuff.  Now, if in fact the chamber IS doing a survey, shame on them for not letting anyone know.  (I am the first to admit I might be ignorant on this…here’s hoping I am not.)

Here is the Chamber website where I looked and can not find anything to do with a survey.  I do know the District Web site has a survey, as I did participate already.


You know what, SERIOUSLY, shame on the Review if they are wrong on this.


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