Prison Survey in Summerland

Interesting that the main proponent of putting a prison in Summerland is citing economic benefits over any other possible concern.  Same person who worked very hard to bring up every possible conceivable concern about the Summerland Hills Golf Course while NEVER admitting there might be some slight chance at economic benefit from it.  Now busy promoting the need for economic improvement in Summerland.  Hmm.  Interesting.

Now, the same newspaper that printed a major piece highlighting that person’s opinion publishes an item from the Pres of the Chamber and completely undermines his point by mistakenly stating that the Chamber has a survey underway for its members.  (Fact is, the District of Summerland Municipal Hall is doing a survey for ALL citizens and the Chamber is not doing a survey)

So, ulitmately, people are now getting serious about the possibility of a prison here, and there are two spots in the sightlines: Prairie Valley where there is no sewer, and where the Summerland Hills Golf Course would have gone.

This is the same spot that that person saw NO NEED TO ACKNOWLEDGE ANY ECONOMIC BENEFIT WHATSOEVER could possibly come from a major destination golf course and is now promoting for ECONOMIC BENEFIT from a prison…on the same site!

And the second sight being tossed around is the Provincial Crown Land at Highway 97 near Goat Bluff.  This one, folks cannot work because it for sure will get lost in the quagmire of approvals from “different” groups.

For more info, see my posting about the nebulous chamber survey mentioned in the Review:

Thanks for giving this a read, Patrick Murphy

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