B.U.S.U. Here’s another idea for those opposed to a prison

or a golf course, or… Kettle Valley Dried Fruits, or whatever else…is just not quite right for Summerland…

I wish I could take credit for this idea.  But no way can I, except to say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”…so might there be some way for somebody to Buck Up or Shut Up with THIS idea?  Again, I am willing to help, but will not drive the bus.  So, again, to all those letter writers, bloggers, online forum posters, coffee shop talking, photoshop altering, petition making people…if you chose not to pursue the Galaxy Garden idea, if you chose not to pursue the “name the highway” idea, maybe THIS is worth pursuing rather than just criticising and personally attacking those who have spoken in favor of a prison…

The seedling business left Summerland (not because of any perceived bad image due to a jail or anything….) and our town lost a number of jobs.  Here is an article about a lady with a GREAT idea that is very closely related (again, I wish I had had the brains to think of this) and in fact has  DRAGON’S DEN investor who LOVES The Okanagan and DOES invest in the Okanagan…I wish you well if you are able to lead the charge to attract this to Summerland, and I sincerely will assist if I can but will not lead the bus…(Hint, I recently attended a function where Mr Treliving was honored, and can help you get in contact with “his people”)


thanks for giving this a look,

Patrick Murphy

Re/Max Orchard Country in Summerland 250 486 2529

BTW here is the original post to Buck Up or Shut Up


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