Responsible: Summerland & Penticton Newspapers

UPDATE MARCH 28 2011 Further to the blog item below, I was contacted by someone who says THEY wrote the letter and thus I have removed the one reference to the name posted in the Review article,  at their request.  Hope it helps.


There has been a fair bit of talk lately about the level of professionalism being displayed by the Summerland Review and the Penticton Herald in their respective coverage, and their treatment of certain advertising supporters. We have seen specific errors in reporting as well, which have contributed to misunderstandings and frustrations.  There have been negative and rude comments made in editorials as well.

And, now, in a recent issue of the Summerland Review, a letter to the editor was brought to my attention because of its dubious content combined with its unfamiliar named signature.

The writer refers to those who voiced their support for a prison at the public open house as being “naive”.  The writer also mentions they have “350 friends” on facebook:  “I put it (the prison idea) to my 350 Facebook friends, 95 per cent of whom are not from here…”

Now, as for myself, I am not claiming to be an expert about facebook, but I believe that if you go to and type in that name, that name would appear locally…and it does not… so then I searched that name in and there also, found no such person…so then I resorted to the paper phone book…again, no such name in Summerland.

This raises a question I would like to ask:

I would like to know what the responsability of the newspapers is regarding verification of letter writers? Are these names confirmed for authenticity?  I would hope so.

If this letter writer has not been confirmed as authentic, then I ask this question (again, reminding of the numerous errors, mistakes, and harmful misinformation of the recent past by these newspapers)

If not now as Summerland faces very serious economic and social concerns…when might we expect a level of responsible journalism from the local papers?


On another note regarding the serious economic and social concerns facing Summerland,  Glenfir Private School has announced it is closing and will not re open its doors.

Anyway, whether you think “prison good” or a “prison bad” Chief Louie is right about buck up or shut up…I issued a challenge to every letter writer, blog writer, etc and am still waiting:

Also, when it comes to economic options, Summerland has displayed a consistent track record of inability to put any puck in the net.  Reference the Summerland Hills Golf Resort opportunity where the naysayers denied the very existance of a net to put a puck into!  The naysayers ruled the day, and Summerland has no golf resort development.

So, look past “prison good” or “prison bad” for just a moment and recognize how Summerland is responding to a $200 million dollar construction value option.  Do you like what you see happening?

Right now, Summerland does have the potential of an economic option.  Looking at the construction value alone (again, look past “prison good/prison bad” for just a moment) please recognize the way in which Summerland is handling a $200 million dollar construction project option…recognize what is taking place.

How is Summerland responding to this $200 million dollar project?

Whether you are “prisongood” or “prisonbad”,  do you not find it very un-nerving to watch how this is unfolding?

see blog post re Prison Open House:


What a great speaker we had in Summerland!

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