Haven’t seen a WOOOPS like this one in quite a while!

Penticton City Council makes another major error with their political mis-handling of a very touchy community topic!


Penticton residents turn out to support correctional facility proposal

But then, CORRECTION (re: correction facility) ironic, no?


The City of Penticton adminstration incorrectly posted the RESULTS of their binding then non binding referendum… BACKWARDS!

As reported in the Western Newspaper: “The City of Penticton’s opinion poll wrapped up this evening with results in favour of bringing the province’s correctional centre to a site within the city limits.”

WOOPS, Gotta get the facts straight!  City of Penticton Administration fumbles some more…and then doesn’t even acknowledge the mistake/correction on their information site!  Embarassing and a few other words come to mind as to how this whole thing was handled by the City of Penticton from the top down!

And, here’s the new headline from an embarassed (By the City of Penticton) local newspaper, who, interestingly does not see fit to acknowledge the …ahem, correction:

Penticton residents reject correctional facility proposal

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