Overwhelmed by the incredible display of support for S’land business in the P Herald today

Serious, don’t miss it!  First, if you do not subscribe to the P Herald, then go buy one, or…pay what it’s worth: get one free when you buy a coffe at McDonalds…then, just work your way thru the “news” such as the editorial from Penticton’s “green activist guy”, the letter from PIB guy complaining how “shareholders will get rich”…go into the next section headlined by 3 Summerland writers (I love all 3), turn the page(s) AND THERE IT IS…what I refer to as the P Herald’s incredible display of support for Summerland Business…they published a submitted article about our town’s event for the weekend!  haha hope no one misses it…the point I make is…why do the good businesses of Summerland even give a passing glance to the P Herald?  When I see the constant thumbing of the P Herald nose at the business of Summerland, I can tell you, I definitely keep that in mind with my advertising budget, and I think Summerland biz would be wise to consider same.  I try to support the Summerland Review, OUR LOCAL Paper, and AM 1450 as best I can, these are OUR media, and the more we can support them, the more they can help Summerland Business.  Pat Lindsay of AM 1450 is a tireless business promoter in this town, and has been for a long time…she deserves the support and co-operation of Summerland business.  Same for the people at the Summerland Review…give Jo Freed a call to see how even a small budget from your business can make a difference…and if many Summerland businesses make these kind of decisions, Summerland Business as a whole will benefit, grow and prosper…together.
(BTW, the P Herald did not even post the chamber submitted article online, either)  And, for point of clarification, I will say congrats to our Chamber for making the effort to get some press coverage out of the P Herald.  They have done a great job of co ordinating Summerland Business and we need to keep getting behind these efforts, even if you may not find them 100% perfect, chip in anyway when you can, and you never know what good things might happen, for your business, and for Summerland.

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