Organized Real Estate aint perfect, but it works, and it sure beats pure Bureaucracy!

As a former member of the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), I like to do my best to keep in touch with various issues from the area, especially when they are of national significance to how I earn my LIVING!  Asif Khan is a Realtor out of Markham Ontario who makes some well thought out points regarding the Competition Bureau in the article below.  Here are some chosen discussion points triggered by Khan, followed by a link to his entire article.

– One demand of the Competition Bureau is to force allowing the private info of sellers to be made available online!  The Competition Bureau would thus force Realtors to break the Federal Privacy Act.

– In CANADA, materials that are created by an individual or company are protected by Copyright Laws, ensuring the rightful ownership.  The Competition Bureau would over ride this in order to force allowing materials created to be made available to everyone without the consent of the Realtor that invested the money and effort to create.  You made a better mouse trap, so now it must be freely distributed.

– The Competiton Bureau has a problem with TREB having an Access Agreement that allows “only” members to use their own computer MLS System.  The Competition Bureau believes that non members (ie ANYONE) should be allowed access to the Realtors computer system.  And, further, that TREB should not be allowed to stop a member if they use that for fradulent practices.

– I believe this last point most clearly displays the utter ignorance that is behind the Competition Bureau’s aggression toward organized Real Estate:  The Competition Bureau wants the Boards to release pending sale information online so that it is made available to everyone.   This would mean that when a private citizen of Canada signs a contract to sell THEIR private home, as long as the inspection works out okay and the financing comes through…then EVERYONE (yes, that’s in the whole world, folks!) should be informed of your decision…immediately!  Or the Realtor is just being unfair and greedy and the industry is not being competitive and is bad for Consumers.  And, if the buyers financing fell through, well too bad for your property that gets a bad rap in the process…because, EVERYONE knows… your home sale failed (probably because the roof leaked, right?)

Thank you Asif for the helpful thoughts, for more on Asif’s excellent article, see link below:

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