Okanagan Small Town with Big Lifestyle Choices

Quality of Lifestyle choice options are numerous.  The Okanagan of course offers plenty of reasons why it is such an attractive place to call home.  Smack dab in the middle of those choices sits a small town.  Summerland is what the Okanagan used to be.  And Summerland is transitioning into what the Okanagan will be.

Quality of Life in a small town, in Summerland, offers so many opportunities to partake in all there is to enjoy here in the Okanagan.  Main Street Summerland is a beauty, without traffic congestion of Kelowna.  Summerland beaches do not explode with tourists like Penticton.  Summerland hiking trails offer scenic beauty, without overcrowding.  And so on.

For the most part, people who move to Summerland have their choice of where they choose to live.  For example, there are not really very many living here who are compelled to live here because of “their job at a mine” or “their job at a pulp mill”.  Simply put, there aint none of those jobs here anyway!  Never will be.  So, by definition, those who live in Summerland, again for the most part, are here by choice alone.

Here’s another example of why, this time featured in the Calgary Herald:


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