Okanagan Housing Trends, impacting Small Town Summerland

After years of economic turbulence, one small town is showing its resiliancy in a big way…

Against a backdrop of agricultural beauty featuring orchards, vineyards & wineries, there are golf courses, hiking trails, and an increasingly vibrant downtown with a humming cultural and recreational focus….all overlooking the natural beauty of Okanagan Lake, including the South Okanagan’s “Best Beach”.

Hot on the heels of all that and more that make this small town a one of a kind in the Okanagan, there is increasing recognition for the well planned infrastructure improvements that have quietly and without fanfare enabled significant lifestyle improvements that, really, only a small size town can enjoy:

1) Water Supply, Water Quality & Water Delivery are the best in the Okanagan, quite a feat considering Summerland gets more sunshine hours than Hawaii (semi arid desert)

2) Newly constructed state of the art RCMP Policing Facility (Summerland consistently rates as one of Western Canada’s LOWEST crime rates)

3) Some of BC’s best walking & hiking networks quietly built up and carefully maintained by a Park’s & Recreation Department that is the envy of the Okanagan (Summerland is home to the Trans Canada Trail, and also home to the famous Trout Creek Canyon Trestle are 2 standouts among many options)

4) Creative zoning to encourage walkable growth that this year garnered a well deserved National Award

5) Fresh new entrances OFF the Highway to a picturesque Main St that is not THE highway.

6) Perhaps the ultimate compliment to this small town is that while big brother Kelowna and nearby Penticton ABSOLUTELY EXPLODE with tourists every year as soon as the spring wine festivals start…Small Town, SMART Town Summerland carries on as a traffic free oasis nestled away from the other more commercial, more developed, and tourist traffic choked Okanagan towns.

Given that, it is Super Ironic that the chosen name for some of the Okanagan’s finest wineries in Summerland is…  BOTTLENECK DRIVE…

now there’s an oxymoron, especially given the traffic snarls and crowds of visitors that clog the bigger name areas…not so in Summerland, ever!

Meanwhile, the District of Summerland continues the challenging but rewarding work of encouraging development on ITS terms and attracting investors while serving its resident’s best interests.  A delicate balance of encouraging growth, managing change, and protecting the Gem that Summerland is.  All against a backdrop of increasingly heavy demand for economic prosperity.

For a sense of the demographic pressures heading Summerland’s way in the coming years, the following article examines the pent up and powerful demographic shift that “wants what Summerland has”!


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