Ok, remember the media screaming about the pending “interest rates are going higher”? Serious, remember how nervous that made you?

Well, obviously, the rates WILL rise, at some point…but certainly not right now…as I have said for the last 12 months, the economy is WAY to weak for Canadian interest rates to rise with any significance.    Today, the financial post has to report that, even with inflation higher, rates are now “not expected to rise”….and that is common knowledge now in most media reports.  So, the scary spectre of interest rate rise that sold a fair number of newspapers has just NOT DEVELOPED…kinda like the swine flu PANDEMIC…remember that?  Ok, well, what is the lastest SCARY headline (other than yesterdays Review article about some invasive plant “wreaking havoc”…READ MY BLOG for more)…anyway, yes, the SCARY topic du jour?  come on, you know you have read about it…come on…here it is:

THE DOUBLE DIP scenario…EVERYONE knows that is a REAL concern, right?  give me a break people, let’s grow up and move forward here!  As I said about interest rates, if they were gonna go up, they would not go up much…and as I say about the dreaded DOUBLE DIP that is currently freezing some with fear and for sure is selling newspapers…if there is a double dip…soooo whaaat!

The diff between a double dip and what we got now is so incrementally small as to be insignificant, folks!  IF it comes to be that we look back and discover there WAS a pandemic…oops, sorry, I mean a double dip…THEN we will come to realize a double dip just was not significant compared to where the econ is ANYWAY…so let’s put down the newspaper, turn off the tv news and ….dare I say these words in today’s world??? LET’S GET TO WORK PEOPLE…

Have a great day unless you choose not to.


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