New Construction in Summerland

Here’s a brief “heads up” for a very rare real estate opportunity here in Summerland… How long since there has been a new construction offering that is not waterfront?  And therefore listed for under $1.5 million? We have a beautiful new home coming on market shortly with a legal suite!

Check back here soon…but if you can’t wait, just email me for some info!

I count 5 more FORECLOSURES this week in our area.   Now, just to point out, though…those are SALES taken OFF the market, not new listings coming ON the market.  Ahem…markets do change, ladies and gentleman, and we are going through some of the supply of foreclosures at a fairly brisk pace nowadays.  Also, just a mention that 97 Olympic Condos sold this very weekend in downtown Vancouver…

I appreciate when people tell me they have heard the radio ads lately, it is a lot of fun, and something different.   That is the most common comment I get on the marketing I do…it’s different.

How do you like the radio advertising for Summerland Real Estate?

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