Mayor gets an earful…boo hoo.

I find that comparing and contrasting different News Headlines will often unveil important and very telling issues in our society…for example, while one identifiable group (by their loud, whiny, attention seeking media “persona”) complains about a Mayor’s lack of attendance at a PARADE…

another group, silent, not media savvy and without agenda, quietly goes about their job, risking their lives to protect us, and to protect the rights of people to complain when a Mayor won’t attend a parade…

This is our Canada in 2011.  An elected Mayor is criticised by “victims” (get it?) because he has slighted them by his choice to uphold his (how ironic is this?) family tradition of holiday and will miss their parade celebrating their choices.

Further to the above discussion, today, June 30 2011 I read in the Globe and Mail an article in which the Mayor is said, by his absence, to be “legitimizing hate”.  So, now, if you do not DISPLAY SUPPORT, you are LEGITIMIZING HATE.  Get it?


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