Why is it ok if Patrick calls it bummerland?

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on small town life here in Summerland…for starters,  I am allowed to call it Bummerland. And I am allowed to call it Slumberland.  But, please, unless you’re speaking on CTV National news, do NOT call it summer lnd.  It is pronounced…Summer Land NOT summerlnd.

Ok, here we go.

You can be glad you live in small town Summerland. Check out some of the lifestyle info on this site, and take a minute to linger on the pictures, get your dreams in gear!

Our small town offers a fun, easygoing lifestyle inspired by natural beauty, sandy beaches and vineyards.  The green orchards sprouted here long before cars, television & the internet.

Summerland still offers a life modeled on simpler times. A time when doing the sensible meant taking the kids to the beach for the afternoon, going for a bike ride along a quiet orchard lined country road (that sort of has pavement…) and picking your own cherries from a friendly neighbors tree because they “couldn’t keep up” (look out for tomato season!).

Somehow life seems to have gotten far, far away from these simple, fundamental treasures. Summerland can bring it all back, you’ll see…it’s never to late to take a stand with your life, for your life. And believe me, rush hour here really does involve stopping to let the quail family cross an unmarked spot.

In a small town, it’s easier to make friends and get to know your neighbours. Life just serves up more opportunities, and you get to choose what you do with them. Decisions, decisions…should you go to Sunoka for a sunset bonfire with friends, or relax on the deck with family, or go for a bike ride past the miniature donkeys by the golf course, or spit from atop the trestle and then stop for ice cream…

Summerland is a real departure from the hurried and harried way of life elsewhere, where you can live next to someone for years but never progress past a wave from the car as you run off on your next errand.

Summerland living is just more eventful… and meaningful in the small things: Street fairs, farmers’ markets, music & drama events, car shows and wine festivals. And, hey, are you not a little bit curious what it means when, once a year, people from all over North America come to Summerland to RIDE THE GIANT?

In this small town, you get some extras not found elsewhere:

– 4 distinct seasons. Spring blossoms Summer heat Fall colors Winter snow (but not much)

– Okanagan Lake! Beaches, boating, family fun, private spots, summer evenings on a boat with friends cannot be beat.

– Mountain Lakes.  Some first class fly fishing, easily accessible, uncrowded, scenic beauty.

– Mountains. Lots of moose, deer, bear, cougar, coyote, bobcat, lynx, grouse, rabbits.

– Biking & Hiking Trails.  Plenty of exercise trails right in town.

– Main Street that is not the highway.

– KVR Train Trestle. Scared of heights, but this is spectacular

– Research Center.  Amazing gardens and views down into the Trout Creek Canyon

– KVR steam railway.  If you have not heard the whistle blow echoing through this small town, then get on it.  It will raise hairs on the back of your neck.

– Wineries.  Tastings, events and summer evening entertainment with friends.

– Golf.  18 holes with the back nine along Trout Creek Canyon above the Trestle…spectacular scenery including the hangmans noose on one special tree on one very difficult hole…can you spot it?

– Golf. 9 holes, cheap to play right on the highway at Sumac Ridge winery.  This is where I learned to play golf.  Can you land on the green from the tee off going across the canyon?  I’ve done it.

– Wineries.  Too obvious.  But let me just say this…hike for an hour on Little Giants Head, then sit at Thornhaven for a glass of their Gewurts, then bike to Dirty Laundry for one more glass of THEIR Gewurts, then find a way (taxi!) down to Sunoka for the evening…if, you can leave these two wineries in the first place!

And then, if you see the potential benefits of owning real estate here before it’s discovered, let me know!

Always remember you are welcome to check me out on facebook, and I am a text message or phone call away at my direct line cel 250 486 2529, and you could take just a minute to email me with any input, suggestions, or a real estate question.

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