Lots are selling in Summerland! Yes they are! REAL ESTATE INFO:

Year to date, 2 reported sales of lots in less than 30 days, and one pending sale…This is a positive sign for our market…not so much in the way you might think, though…these are sales that represent buyers, yes, but more importantly, they represent REALISTIC SELLERS…something this market has been very much lacking for a number of years.

For example, one of the sales is a foreclosed lot from an out of area dreamer (woops sorry, “developer”) that had sat unsold on the market for a long, long, time at a silly list price…giving the illusion that “there are just no buyers”.  Well, when the dreamer (and his long list of willing Realtors who had listed it over that time), finally was forced BY THE COURTS to price it to sell…bang, sold. **for more than list price!

And now, guess what else…the buyer probably bought it to …wait for it…DO SOMETHING WITH IT!  like hire a builder to BUILD something!

So, yes, good, good news.  Now, some of the women in trades recent grads may get opportunity to get to work FOR EXAMPLE…so slowly, grindingly, things are getting pointed in the right direction…

Just like Warren Buffet has said, he does not go looking for 7ft bars to jump over, he looks for 8 or 10 one foot bars to step over…

Thank you for giving this a look, I hope the information and answers are as helpful to you as they have been to many others over the years.  Obviously, if you are taking this time to read through, you are seriously considering.  I understand it really is a tough one if you know “a friend” in the business, especially in a small town like ours.  Many people know more than one friend in the business, so it can be tough.  My advice is to remember that this is a SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLAR service contract.  You need to be sure you hire the best possible Agent, not the friendliest, not the one whose Mom sits near your Uncle in church…You owe me nothing.  You owe yourself the opportunity to choose who you want.  This is probably the most expensive money asset you will ever own, and it is very important you understand your options clearly, professionally.

Always remember you are welcome to check me out on facebook, and I am a text message or phone call away at my direct line cel 250 486 2529, and you could take just a minute to email me with any input, suggestions, or a real estate question.


Helping you find your best real estate answers in this market!

Patrick Murphy

Realtor, RE/MAX Orchard Country

10124 Main Street Summerland

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