Last night the Perpetua wine was

a perfect fit for the warm breezes off the deck watching the moon come up over the Naramata Bench to shimmer off Okanagan Lake.  Very interesting conversation with some business friends, very connected in the Okanagan…As we moved on to a Summergate Muscat Ottonel, the topic of “social marketing” for wineries came up.

It was an astute observation that there are very many “events” now, compared to only 5 years ago.  The trend for event marketing has come so far in the Okanagan, and in fact, wineries lead that charge.  There is so much to do here, thanks to the efforts of many of the, what, 200 plus we enjoy in the Okanagan now?

We also got to discussing the impact of classic cars, and the growth of interest in THAT area as well.  Of course, Summerland’s Nixdoorf Classic Car Museum is a leader in the Okaangan, offering wine tours AND showing at events…interesting how all this comes together.  Five or so years ago it would have been completely cutting edge to think of a wine event with classic cars and send out invites over facebook!

Which leads me to recognize RE/MAX Orchard Country for an effort coming up in Summerland September 8.  Re/Max hosts the Wine Fare & Competition at the Fall Fair, on the same day as Re/Max sponsors the Classic Car show & dance on Main St Summerland!  And, we are inviting attendees to both, using facebook, twitter, blogs, email and, just for old times sake, we may just throw an ad in the Summerland Review as well!


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