It’s Canada Day – Get over it already!

Canada Day 2010

It’s a new day here in Canada, eh!

Canada hosted the fantastic Olympic Games this year, and the world watched our country erupt with joy and in peace.  Canada partied!  Canada came out positive and inspired because the joy, passion and exuberance of ordinary Canadians overwhelmed the usual negative naysayers.  Those 2010 Games will long inspire Canadians to rise above the negative, to focus on the positive and to reach for excellence.

This Canada day, let’s make a positive choice to rise above and strive to be our best, with others, for others.

Canada 2010 recently hosted another international event, also positive and inspiring.  However, as can be the Canadian way, the negatives voices overwhelmed the G20 world leader summit.  Daily we heard of those poor innocent protesters being treated unfairly by the bad police.

Sorry, but those “bad police” are the same ordinary people who serve our country every day!  Canadians know intuitively that these fine men and women choose to put their lives on the line to protect all that we hold dear…and yet, the media screams their same old disparaging garbage about the Canadian heroes the rest of the planet look at with trust, with pride and with envy!

Canada is a world leader with the most trusted national police force on earth!  You would not think that to listen to the media, now would you?

This Canada day, remind yourself we have the most stable political system on earth!  Think of our firefighters, paramedics, search & rescue, and disaster relief teams that serve the rest of the world in times of need.  This day, ponder the strength of Canada’s justice system, religious freedoms and artistic freedoms, sexual preference freedoms and civil liberties.

Canada has a welfare systems that provides a social safety net higher than the majority of earth’s citizens can ever hope to achieve.

Canada has the strongest banking/economic system on earth and vast areas of pristine and well protected environments.

Canada’s recreation opportunities are the best on earth.  Canada has clean water and plenty of it, an extensive network of education institutions, national health care, food distribution & road networks, electricity, gas, phone, cable, internet and lots of shopping centers.

Canada is in fact the world leader when all is considered.  I think you should know that.  I think you should act on that.  I think on this Canada day we can be thankful for that.  I think we need to step up and contribute to that.

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