It kinda hurts a bit don’t it…Summerland Tourism

Trip Advisor .com is a well respected much visited site (I think) that also hosts open forums on line on pretty much any topic you like.  On the winery advisor forum today, I came across an entry from a Calgary Tourist who will be staying in Summerland for 3 days in June and wants advice as to what to do, where to go, which places to visit…It is a couple in their 20’s who enjoys the outdoors, hiking, etc.  Sounds like a dream visitor to Summerland.

In the 48 hours since their request for input was posted, they have received online advice from people in Victoria, Vancouver and Jasper…who have ostensibly experienced the Wine/Tourism offered and therefore are willing to share their advice.  Sadly, not one online response to the young couple who have stated THEY ARE STAYING IN SUMMERLAND…sadly, EACH response steers the SUMMERLAND visitors out of town.  Every remark pertains to places to visit, things to do…elsewhere.  Not one post about …Summerland.  Even though this young couple STATES that is their destination.

So, may I suggest, for your helpful info, you consider this solution as a place to come back to often, just like Summerland:


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