Iran, Syria, or Canada?

Which is which?

Read this and decide:  Is this happening in Iran, in Syria, or is this happening in Canada?

Government workers are being paid to inspect and monitor daycares to look through rhymes, songs & books for offensive content.

These government workers are trained and paid to visit daycares to ensure that traditional songs are censored to remove certain references, words and content.

Iran?  Probably, I would assume so anyway.  And most likely in Syria as well I would think…but… wake up, ladies and gentleman, this is really a true story about your country, too! Canada.

Scheduled to take effect Wednesday, this policy would leave it up to inspectors to determine when the line between culture and religion is crossed.  Knowing this is taking place in Canada, you probably know by now, that this effort is about keeping all reference to “God” out of daycares.  Government monitors will ensure there is no mention of miracles or acts of God and so forth.

So, tax dollars will ensure that, for example, Noah’s Ark is appropriately censored: “The story about the flood is not a problem, but the fact that God spoke to Noah and told him to build the Ark is religious, and under the directive you can’t do that.”

And, obviously, if an unscheduled inspection by the government worker discovers a Nativity Scene, it will be removed forthwith…unclear on what the penalty is as of yet…I would imagine that in Iran or Syria, the infidel offender would be beaten, or taken away or disappear.  But in Canada, probably just a fine or close the daycare and such, eh?

You get the picture here in “our” Canada now, right?

Here’s the article:

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