How’s the market? As my math teacher used to say “HORSEFEATHERS”

Everyone always wants to know “How’s the real estate market?”

Well, in my opinion, it just aint that bad!  Summerland stays a pretty attractive place to own real estate, even with all the economics hitting our area VERY hard right now, including the winter blahs!

But…for example, as I write this, we are discussing a house in Trout Creek with an out of area buyer, discussing an offer on a house in Trout Creek with a local buyer, one of my listings has 3 showings the next 24 hours, each is serious and qualified (NOT SUBJECT TO SALE!!!), one building lot in town went pending sale this week, and another listing of mine (a nice house here in town) is pending subject removal this month!

So, yes, it is not booming, but there are serious qualified buyers shopping! Oh, and I did recently bring one of my buyers to a local (competing) Realtors listing that has resulted in them getting a sold sign on THEIR listing! Give me a call if you would like further info on how to generate interest from serious buyers in this “DEAD” (as some are calling it) market!  Patrick Murphy 250 486 2529  As always, you can come back to read my blog to keep current on market info.

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