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Real Estate Changes Forever…again…some more!  Mobile technology, social media and 24/7 access to information have forever changed the way purchasing consumers demand interactions with Realtors.

That’s why now, more than ever before, it’s critical for Realtors to have a solid online marketing plan that attracts & engages consumers.

RE/MAX Main Street Editor DBKearns hi lites some CRITICAL Online Marketing Efforts:

1) Get Found: Profiles on social network sites MUST be kept current, refreshed and engaging to customers.

*Okanagan Tip: A Realtor who continues to state the obvious is not going to “be found” in todays online world.  Today’s buyer is repelled by comments such as “oooh this is a lovely kitchen, ohhhh and here we have the bathroom!”

2) The importance of online reputations

Realtors must post articles of interest to consumers, and constantly create new content of value with answers to consumer questions.  An example is information on how and when to book your opportunity to view a property you’re interested in:

3) Present EASY & compelling calls to action for the consumer and make sure your contact info is present: ALWAYS.  Like, see how often my cell number appears 250 486 2529!

4)  Old style tendency is to very often dismiss an online inquiry if the consumer isn’t ready to buy or sell in a short period of time.  Online consumers want helpful content, engaging information and pertinent education, not screaming sales tactics designed to “get their phone number”.

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