Goodbye Ironman Summerland will miss the economic spinoffs…

But Hello The Economic Spinoffs from Challenge Penticton!

And… welcome back Axel Merckx Gran Fondo and Okanagan Hockey School and SOEC major events and Wine Bloggers Conference 2013 and, and, and!

Here’s hoping all the Summerland Community Leaders and Business Leaders working hard to promote Summerland economy will accomplish some kickass commercial hiway signage by then.  It’s not an easy task, and we need to be patient, because good people are doing their best.  Here’s hoping Summerland can come up with a plan that is:

a) Relevant

b) Inviting

c) Compelling

d) Actually accomplished!

Sure hope this gets done, for the sake of Summerland business!

WE MUST do better than miss all the traffic all around us once again next year.

The alternative (ongoing nothingness) can no longe be an option.  Sure its a tough task, but let’s GET IT DONE!  Summerland Business absolutely NEEDS a MUCH improved highway message to all the customers WE COULD EVER WANT that drive past…every year.

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