Golf Summerland, a beautiful experience

Congrats to the Summerland Golf & Country Club on their first ever “welcome back to golf” event held on Sunday July 15.
After a few years of “non-golf”, we were so impressed by the warm welcome and helpful assistance at the event.  Management, staff, professionals and a group of seasoned mentors worked together to make this happen for, us, basically a bunch of “duffers”.
This was an event that attracted over 75 participants to a “welcome back to golf” afternoon…and it was a huge success in every way.  (Not the least of which was my own personal tip at the driving range from Tye, the Club Pro)
Participants received helpful info and tips on golf, from eitquette to putting to chipping to driving!  We then were able to play a round, accompanied by a Mentor for any questions we had.  (Our group had the second most popular mentor, second only to the mentor who provided his group with some famous “Summerland Birdie Juice”…supposedly one shot of this all but guarantees a great putt… when you need it most)
Somehow those experienced mentors even managed to keep the rain and stormy weather at bay for the outing.  The course was in pristine condition, a beautiful gem surrounded with classic Okanagan scenery.   Every participant was made to feel comfortable, even those of us with some serious rust on what used to be at best a mediocre set of golf skills.
This was more than a one time great outing, this was a genuine display of welcome to those of us out there who for one reason or another just have not been golfing much the last few years.  The Summerland Golf & Country Club showed creative initiative in coming up with this unique concept, and it worked to perfection.  Clearly, the follow through was completely professional…and a lot of fun for all participants.
Thank you Summerland Golf & Country Club!

Patrick Murphy

250 486 2529


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