“We now rely on the next generation…” Canada’s Governor General

The Battle of Vimy Ridge.  Beats 2 minutes wasted on youtube.

Contrast those battle scenes with YOUR life of helmets to ride a bike, helmet to snow board, seat belts in vehicles that come with air bags, bottled water for when you get thirsty and after game energy drinks to “replenish your engergy”!

Summerland is in the Okanagan.  The Okanagan is in British Columbia.  And British Columbia is in Canada.  Please take a moment to understand an important piece of what helped shape this land into who we are:  Canadians.


The video clip outlines the Battle of Vimy Ridge, and is admittedly a little hokey but just take a moment to view it and consider the costs others have paid for us to enjoy this Country, this Province, this region and this small town called Summerland.

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PS If you take the time to enjoy that clip, you will also see many others, such as the 1976 Hockey Canada Cup, and get a sense of history for this great country!  Beats ten minutes watching crap on youtube!  Give it a try, you’ll be the richer for it.

Here’s one for all you guys that wear a face shield and helmet to play hockey and you’re not even in goal!



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