Fly Fishing Summerland

Summerland has a secret abundance of mountain lakes perfect for flyfishing.  Not crowded and very productive, with many to choose from including hike in lakes.  Many are high and therefore can avoid much of the summer doldrums.

Drove one hour to a mounain lake (must remain un named) one afternoon this week…and what a spectacular evening of quality fly fishing we had…even enjoyed my own “Gordie Howe hatrick” in the fly fishing jargon:

hit the rise just right to catch & release plenty on the floating line till after dark

landed a couple over 2 pounds on a double header,

and AND saw a buck plus a doe come to lake edge for a drink at sunset…nice evening.

Patrick Murphy

250 486 2529



For more info on the Summerland Sportsmans Association, click this:



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