Celebrate Summerland Success: a few years ago,

we set out to celebrate some of the Summerland success stories. At the time, global economic turmoil was hitting hard, and in an effort to highlight the positives, we put together an event called Summerland Economic Outlook.

This was followed by another, less formal event: “Celebrate Summerland Success”. Up and down the valley there were real estate developments going under and projects being mothballed. The celebration brought together many downtown merchants and really, just celebrated Summerland Success at a time when it seemed every other bit of news was so very negative.

However, in that time, Summerland has become hit very hard with job loss, business closings, and a highly visible number of Main St vacancies. In an effort to promote the future economic well being last year, we hosted the Summerland Outlook Conference.

Speakers were brought in from outside of Summerland for the first time. They spoke of the need for leadership and business involvement in the community. There was great enthusiasm from a number of business people, who expressed their desire to work together for change.

Now, as Summerland begins 2012 with a renewed sense of hope, it’s quite simply a GREAT time to become aware of Summerland winners, movers, shakers and contributors. It is our hope that by engaging the community, Summerland will be inspired and look with real hope for a change in the economic well being of this otherwise perfect little town!

So, since EZ Rock yesterday mentioned Nicole Dunsdon as former Miss Canada, why not take a minute to add to this list!  Go ahead, name some names:

how about this Summerland person, featured TODAY in a news article: Launi Skinner

Launi Skinner, the chief executive officer of First West Credit Union, was recently named one of Canada’s most powerful women by the Women’s Executive Network for the second consecutive year.

Have a great day, and let’s get Summerland Economy MOVING…postively forward

UPDATE: here’s another interesting bit:

Did you know that Summerland has a history of being home to THE major land development players of Canadian history? Millionaire’s Row in Summerland was so named when Sir Thomas Shaughnessy began the Summerland Development company in 1902. Many investors such as Angus, Holt, Osler and Hosmer from Eastern Canada purchased property in the area, and you may recognize their names from streets in Vancouvers Shaugnessy area!

And, also in the news, how about a former  Miss Summerland now helping out in Africa!


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