AUTUMN in the Okanagan is a beautiful season!

In Summerland, it’s Newton, elsewhere: Einstein & Zuckerberg

While the rest of the world comes to realize that Einstein just can’t draw the same crowd as Zuckerberg, (North Americans spent more time online debating the changes to facebook this weekend than the argument over changes to the speed of light)  In Summerland we were picking apples (thank you Newton)

How good does it feel to go to a friends orchard and pick a box of perfect apples with my wife on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Summerland?  REAL GOOD.  How good does it feel to see a huge blonde/brown black bear feeding on dropped appleas 200 yards away?  Even BETTER!

Yes, I love summer in the Okanagan, and yes, the warm spring sunshine with orchards in blossom is super for sure, but…this fall season is the tops for me! It is incredible to see the apple harvest coming into full swing and the sheer abundance is spectacular.  You can pick a huge peach,  huge nectarines and some crispy macintosh apples…so special to enjoy fresh picked fruit in abundance this time of year…oh yeah, and also fresh from the tree, juicy ripe plums as well!  And, the funnest part of all is seeing all the wildlife so active as the nights finally start to cool down a bit!  Pheasant, quail, squirrels, bear, deer and TONS of other busy birds.

Real Estate Market improvement!  37 is the  lowest # of new listings on market in a 30 day window in probably a year and a half!  And, 2 of those sold in less than 30 days, another indicator we just have not seen in well over a year.  And, 27 solds total in Summerland the last 30 day window is also reasonably strong…well its not weak!

Here is an excerpt from Calgary Market Update I received this week:

Market Update From Calgary’s #1 Re/Max Real Estate Team 2010,2009,2008,2007!

Calgary’s real estate resale market appears ready for growth. Prices are almost exactly the same as summer of 2010 with single family homes on average 1% higher from a year ago and the condominium average sale price 1% lower than the same time last year. This lack of price increase is making our market relatively competitive compared to other Canadian markets. Calgary’s affordability index for purchasing based on house price, income and personal tax rate, is now amongst the best in Canada.  Add to that a recent drop in mortgage rates + better than average employment numbers in Calgary;  we can expect to see a firming of resale figures over the next 12 months.

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The RE/MAX Wine Fair was an amazing time in Summerland.  What a treat to see this event and to hear all the positive comments!  Click here for the results:

The event has received a fair bit of press coverage which we always appreciate:

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Give this a click for Okanagan Recreation Opportunities:

And, if you are considering a real estate investment, click this for some background:

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