Article about “GUN CONTROL” and why it never WORKED!!!

“GUN CONTROL” has been such a farce…

This article explains how a guy caught red handed with loaded guns (PLURAL) in a Richmond Mall, meeting with opposing enemy GANG MEMBERS, gets only a light sentence in the courts:

Here is a guy with LOADED GUNS, in a mall, hanging out with his GANG member friends…approaching members of an enemy GANG… police intercept and catch the bad guy RED HANDED with LOADED GUNS…in a mall full of people…

And…the courts let him off with less than the mandatory sentencing!  He gets off very, very lightly considering what he was OBVIOUSLY UP TO.

The particular guns are RESTRICTED and they were NOT registered!  These are not the kind of gun a guy shoots a moose with!  These are real, people killing guns that no hunter would EVER consider using in the great outdoors!  These are guns DESIGNED, BUILT AND SOLD to kill people. Period.

Gun control had NO deterrent effect on THE BAD GUY!  No “control” over the guns designed to kill people. And worse yet, when caught RED HANDED, court system can only hand out a light sentence to the freak who was ready, willing and able to take out his enemy and any innocents in the mall.

Meanwhile, all the good Canadians who want to own “normal” guns for NOT bad reasons, have been paying for the mess and the lie that was “gun control”.  May it end soon.

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