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Nov 2011 Election

For those of you who want to “cut to the chase” on my comments, just skip to near the end to read from: “One quick thought”…

Congratulations to SCEDT for a well run All Candidates Forum last night.  Chamber President Clausen did a good job at moderating and especially, teaming up with Lisa Jaager, kept things moving at a pretty good pace!  Congratulations also to the candidates for their willingness to stand.

There was obvious consensus on “someone needs to do something” about the dire economic straits our little town faces.  Many candidates clearly indicated their desire to be a part of helping Summerland create jobs and housing options.  This consensus on the need for jobs and housing options is a great start, but frankly, that’s the good news…and the easy part!

Each candidate is a normal living breathing person who sees the need to address the current (woeful) economic direction of Summerland.  But, these normal people, if elected, have to then endure hearing all the loud, critical, negative voices coming from every direction, for every reason, all the time!

QUESTION: Do you enjoy being criticised?  I don’t!  Be honest, don’t most of us take every precaution in our daily lives to avoid criticism?

QUESTION: So, what is one way, that normal people who care, with the courage to let their name stand, can protect themselves from as much criticism as possible?  The answer lies in another of last night’s common themes:  The overwhelming agreement among candidates for more committees to be created.  A number of candidates indicated their desire to form more committees!
That is a fair and understandable way for a normal person (who gets elected) to cope with the natural desire to avoid some of the constant nagging negative AND EXCESSIVE criticisms thrown about with no regard for personal feelings whenever someone tries to do something around here!  No normal person wants to face the inevitable wall of editor letters alone!  But, for Summerland to be able to look back on the next 3 year term, we are ALL gonna HAVE to come to grips with the fact that there WILL be opposition.. for anything, always, every time, no matter what!

So, given that these good people with the courage to hold elected office certainly do not want to be left hung out to dry, they will most certainly need the support of the community if Summerland is to successfully face down these agreed upon, serious threats to our little town’s economic well being.   AFTER the election, over the next three year term, let’s make sure we as individuals take a minute every now and then to keep in touch with these normal people who let their names stand in service for the good of this town!  And maybe that will be US doing OUR part to avoid seeing more committees being created!

One quick thought came as we parked the car last night, and chrystalized so clearly as we listened to each candidate discuss how to get this town pointed in the right direction for economic investment…

All this effort, all this talk about the importance of participating in democracy…all this work that goes into creating and hosting an important community event like this.  All the advertising, emails to businesses and web promos for this event, all the prep work and research by each candidate…and…

Can the District staff responsible for the Center Stage sign get it together to PUT THIS EVENT UP ON THAT SIGN? nope.  How disrespectful is that?

No greater black eye for the District culture of service can be pointed to than that.  An important community event like this, with FULL PARTICIPATION by every single hopeful candidate…and there is a staledated sign sitting there advertising a bygone event…

Sorry, there is NO EXCUSE for not having that sign helping to promote this community event.

Sure, some will say that it’s no big deal…but, I say that before our elected officials start talking about tax breaks and incentives to attract business and investment dollars to Summerland, how about we fix some of those many, little frustrations first!  That kind of thing gives a negative impression about our town to the very investors we hope to attract!  And until we get that kind of attitude (yes, I said attitude) fixed, please don’t bother trying to tell any other investors “Summerland is open for business”.

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