Agriculture, Tourism, Housing…job creation in Summerland

I believe that vineyards, orchards and wineries do most certainly bring many benefits to our area, not the least of which is economic, but also esthetics, ambience, PIZZAZZ & beauty.

However, what I took from the Globe & Mail article is the focus on the fact that the agricultural aspect (vineyards) of the wine industry seems to create mostly jobs that Canadians do not necessarily seem to want.  Thus the need for a Government Program to help bring out of country workers to ensure a labor supply for the agricultural industry.

So, in relation to the specific topic of the article I posted, I would like to say that I have never seen a housing development need to bring in migrant workers because locals did not want the jobs that got created.  I have likewise never heard of building contractors having to bring in migrant workers because locals do not want to learn a construction trade.  Wineries are great.  Tourism is great.  Agriculture is great.

Housing and construction can and do create jobs that are willingly filled by young Canadians.

So…again being very careful to not dismiss the value of our fabulous wines, vines, orchards and quality food services for visitors, how about we also start to consider the job creation ability of an industry that is able to create jobs…that Canadians want!  And, BTW does not S’land also have a shortage of housing options, too?  ***PLEASE NOTE***

I did not say “lack of affordable housing”, which can be so easily misconstrued.  I said, and say: S’land has a shortage of housing options!

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Patrick Murphy

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