A message to Summerland Business Owners from Patrick Murphy…

In the last SCEDT election, apparently there were about 30 or 40 votes cast, and frankly, I’m not sure I even voted then.   However, I will vote this time, and I want to encourage others to vote this time as well.

Why?  Because I believe Summerland’s difficult economy is calling out for a solid display that Summerland business does care to be involved!

As such, I challenge business owners with the following offer:

For every vote cast in the upcoming Chamber election,
I will donate $10.00 toward a Summerland Chamber
Radio Campaign!

I hope at least 50 vote this time…but if the votes total 100 or more to reach my donation limit of $1,000, I will also gladly jump off the Local Lounge pier wearing a “special outfit” from the Summerland Thrift Store, as selected by Grad 2010 students.

Why am I making this offer?

Because Summerland is obviously at a crossroads, and I hope this effort might just trigger a fresh start to overcome all the negative news we have gone through the last few years.  From all the water problems of years gone by (that some folks CONTINUE trying to rehash), to the highway closure last year to the incredible loss of jobs we are currently experiencing, Summerland business must find ways to start working together.

Make no mistake, we do face an economic reality that is very, VERY different from those perhaps well intentioned but definitely incorrect opinions of the past.  Opinions such as:

Summerland is a District municipality with a large land base, the majority of which is devoted to agriculture (orchards, vineyards, wineries, and hay-lands), which is a big economic generator. It is largely recession-proof as well.

Summerland has heard too much talk about fantasy alternatives that simply do not exist, and those opinions from the past are sadly dead and buried amid the shambles of current announcements:

“Apple industry in meltdown mode”
“Fruit plant shuts down, 40 Summerland jobs gone”
“Packing House closing, 80 Summerland jobs gone”
“Tree Nursery closes, 55 Summerland jobs gone”

Okay?  I said it!  Someone had to say it!

But, in fact, based on the realities of Summerland’s economy, I wish to pose an even more pointed question:

Will Summerland come to be seen as “the broke-anagan”?

If you think that is an unfair question, be reminded of other headlines that our small town has been suffering through:

“Summerland Hills Golf Resort ended”

“Wharton St Proposal delayed”

“Cel tower protest delays construction”

“RCMP asked to investigate”

“Katana Boats closes, Summerland jobs gone”

While other small towns in BC (and across Canada) bask in the afterglow of those spectacular Olympic Games, Summerland is getting absolutely hammered economically.

And STILL, those same negative opinions continue unabated in this town!  The handful of folks continue to voice their weekly barrage of critical, mean spirited opinions on Summerland Review readers every week!

Is it time for positive voices to come forward with constructive, helpful, realistic insights and suggestions based on something that resembles the real world?

Has there ever been a more pivotal time for business owners to PAY ATTENTION to the economics of our small town?

Licenced business owners in Summerland have the privelege and the DUTY this month to vote for good Summerland volunteers to serve on the Chamber board of directors, and I want to do my part to encourage you…to care enough to vote.

I respectfully and sincerely remind you, this is not a request that you vote for one person or another.  This is simply an encouragement to care enough to vote.

For every vote cast, I will donate $10.00 toward a radio campaign for the Chamber!  And, if the vote reaches my max at $1,000, I will also jump in the lake!  Surely that will make even the negative crowd smile…maybe.

At any rate, I genuinely do hope this effort will cost me a grand!

I believe that Summerland just might be poised to finally become the prosperous small town we hope for.

I have taken this step at making a positive contribution!

I hope you are willing to take a step… by caring enough to vote.


Patrick Murphy

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