21 Second Okanagan market comment

Only 35 new listings came on Summerland MLS last 31 days, BUT…only 9 of those are “new” sellers, the rest are re listed properties that did not sell and are back on market (same sellers as before) AND only 1 of the new listings is a FORECLOSURE, however…the MOST TELLING STATISTIC is that of the total 35 new listings the last 31 days…there were FOUR THAT SOLD in less than 30 days…this represents a shift in market to displaying that there are ready, willing and able buyers who WILL act promptly when the right product (at the right price) comes forth…very good news for the serious sellers in this market.  And, in closing: under the category of “don’t getcherself excited”…but, this was the best January for sales in about the last FOUR YEARS!

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PS For the smart alec’s in the crowd, the 21 seconds refers to YOUR TIME TO READ THIS, not how long it took me to put it together!  Thanks for having a look.

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