2010 draws to a close in Summerland…

Let me get this straight, then…Summerland over the last 3 years:

has endured some severe economic challenges including 2 major road closures,

has lost many jobs

has significantly improved its traffic corridors including 4lane from the Coke to our north gateway entrance at Bentley

has made major improvements to safety & convenience at main entry points off the hiway

has doubled its water supply, improved its water quality and twinned some services

has the strongest business presence in years with an improved, cohesive chamber

has the newly created downtown business association

has a newly crafted economic plan to attract amenity migrants and entrepreneurial nomads


has NO affordable housing supply, has NO affordable land supply, and has ADDED environmental costs to potential developments

has NOT progressed Wharton St downtown revitalization project with current developer

WELL THEN…Where do we go from here?

2011 will be very interesting…stay tuned as Summerland is gracefully becoming the premier small town of BC…

Please remember:

Summerland has the genuine small town atmosphere, the lake, the climate, the natural setting, the beauty, the recreational opportunities

the proximity to Kelowna, Calgary, Vancouver…

AND is, in all honesty, really is still a virtual unknown entity that most people drive past year after year!

I believe 2011 is going to be an amazing year of positive change for our small town…and in homage to the critical voices of yesteryear, may I say “nobody wants it to explode” nobody wants growth at any cost, nobody wants to see massive crazy development…but let’s keep the positive voices working together for positive change, that’s my hope for Summerland 2011.

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